Some scenesĀ from our office

This is our office!

The voices of employees


I joined I.H.S as Planning Department in April, 2014. I wanted to get a job in urban areas at first, but I chose this company at my hometown for some reasons. Before starting working, I was nervous of whether I get used to companies’ differences between urban and rural areas. However, I spend fulfilling days now. Although there is not many employees, I strongly feel that I am the one of the employee of I.H.S and my job is worthwhile. It is because there are a lot of chances that even new employees hear thoughts of the administration and I can work with company’s future direction in mind. It is difficult to find a work you want in rural areas, but please find the work pleasing at I.H.S.

Sales operation

I work as a sales operator and there are many things I don’t know such as agricultural words and agricultural chemicals. However, the seniors kindly taught me many things and nowadays I do store reception and take calls. Also, since we can hear company policy and thought of our CEO directly at morning assembly once a week, we not only understand the situation of our company but also get motivation for working. Employees of I.H.S are very kind and I am still too dependent on the seniors’ kindness. However, in I.H.S, every employee can work properly and all the employees can support the work. I like the atmosphere of our company.


I have been working here for two month, but feel pleased than tired. I am happy to use my experience at an agricultural college and think by myself. I work mainly in greenhouses. There are fog cooling, LED, automatic irrigation, so it is convenient to work efficiently. Sometimes I feel nervous and can’t decide what I should do, but seniors and our CEO listen to me and there is a meeting on a regular basis. Colleagues help me not to be nervous. For new employees or people who want to join us, I.H.S is the company where you can do various things if you want.