I.H.S Co., Ltd. does business in Sosa City (匝瑳市) , where garden plants are famous. We have ever sold various kinds of landscape gardening materials to gardeners and landscapers. Utilizing the results, we provide gardeners and landscapers materials via Internet.

Garden plant materials

We have many kinds of wind thread shanks and trunk sheathes to use for transplantation of garden plants. For more detailed information, we have the website for landscape gardening materials.

Lawn protection materials

There are many places you have to keep lawn beautiful such as parks and gardens. We have the materials which protect lawn from people’s and cars’ passing.

Tree planting material

We have special materials for tree planting on a slope and retaining wall. It is effective when you want to do something about bare ground. There are a lot of landscape gardening materials in addition to these things. We sell materials at discounted price on our Internet shopping sites. Please come and see!