Shading nets are mainly used to shade a sunlight in a plastic greenhouse for agriculture. Lawns sometimes play the same role. Many of shading nets are set like covering from outside of the plastic greenhouse. It is mesh, shade, and adjust the quantity of a sunlight. Many makers provide shading nets and its characteristics are different by its material, color,shading rate caused by the interval of mesh. Recently there are unique types of nets like shading nets using white films and shading nets using materials which are effective in suppressing rising temperature.

Shading nets maker we trade

  • DIO CHEMICALS, LTD. (ダイオ化成株式会社)
  • Kuraray trading co., Ltd. (クラレトレーディング株式会社)
  • T-NET JAPAN Co., Ltd. (ティーネット株式会社)
  • Nihon Widecloth Co., Ld. (日本ワイドクロス株式会社)
  • JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation (JX日鉱日石ANCI株式会社)