You can prevent weeds from growing by spreading weed proofing sheets on the place you want weeds not to grow. It divides into unwoven and woven types. It is made of polypropylene, recycled PET, polyester, and polyethylene. Choose sheets and its standards depending on the place you use it and the kinds of weeds. For use, you can spread the sheets under gravel to prevent gravel from being buried, in a vacant lot, a slope at the side of the road, and both sides of the path between rice field, and inside of the agricultural greenhouse. There are many kinds of weed proofing sheets we treat. The sheets we can sell throughout Japan are Xavan® weed proofing sheets, Econal weed proofing sheets, and big size weed proofing sheets for agriculture.

Xavan® weed proofing sheets

E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, which is science company in America, produces Xavan® weed proofing sheets. This sheets are popular in all over the world and the total shipping size are five hundred million square meter. It is popular among landscape gardening companies and construction companies, and plays an active roles in verious fields. Its characteristics are that the fiber of polypropylene which has thicker fiber diameter than normal, make the fiber unwoven, and make sheets. It is ecological and safe that the component in the sheets doesn’t become a burden of the environment and materials which don’t place stress on the environment such as dioxin. This fits today’s trend toward demands for a relief and safety. For more detailed information, please look at the URL below.

Econal weed proofing sheets

Econal weed proofing sheets are the ecological products that made from recycled PET. We I.H.S Co., Ltd. made this sheets based on our experience that we sold weed proofing sheets for a long time. Econal weed proofing sheets are unwoven, have water permeability, and prevent strong weeds from growing, and reasonable. Its strong points are “ecological, functional, and reasonable.” This sheet is popular among both ordinary people and professionals. For more detailed information, please look at the URL below.

Big size weed proofing sheets for agriculture

This sheet is woven type. It suits when you want to spread it on a large area. This woven type of sheets has been sold for a long time, so various makers sell this type of sheets now. However, only a few of makers sell effective sheets in weed proofing. Some of the big size sheets are not effective for weed proofing and allow weed to grow after spreading sheets. It is because the number of fiber that knit in length and breadth are few and follow between seam of sheets. Our sheets are very strong because mesh is fine. It is often used when you walk on this sheets to do farmwork because the woven type of sheets is easy to fit a form of the ground. Lines are in the length direction every uniformity, so you can arrange things you install in order. Its bad point is that once the woven type burst, it become frayed from the part. However, many people choose this type of sheets since it is reasonable and effective for weed proofing. For more detailed information, please look at the URL below.

The comparison of weed proofing sheets

There are various kinds of weed proofing sheets in the market. We are able to provide many sheets based on experiences that we have sold landscape gardening materials. However, it is difficult to decide and choose which sheets is the best one. So, we gathered the information of the weed proofing sheets which we treat and ship to the whole country in a website to compare weed proofing sheets. The website for comparing weed proofing sheets is below.

How about weed proofing sheets under solar light panels

The number of installation construction of solar light panels is increasing because of increasing the demand for solar power generation. Most of the solar light panels are installed on a lawn or a roof of building, but installing construction related to us is installation on a lawn. The reason why installation construction on a lawn is related to us is that we are able to provide you materials in order to prevent grass from growing up at where you installed the solar light panels. The materials for weed proofing is weed proofing sheets. If you spread this sheet, weeds can’t photosynthesize and grow up. You can keep the place you spread the sheets clean. You must not allow weeds to grow around solar light panels. Solar light panels’ electric current is connected in series and there is some possibility that the panels broke. This is because grown weeds shade the same place of the panel (This results in a trouble). So, we select the best weed proofing sheet which match your on-site situation from many kind of weed proofing sheets. Sometimes we find a place weed proofing sheets aren’t spread under and around solar light panels. If you don’t weed frequently, we recommend spreading weed proofing sheets.