AJI ONE mini tomato jam tofu unbaked cheesecake

The combination of sweet and sour mini tomato jam and rich unbaked cheese cake are fantastic! Tofu makes volume.

【Ingredients (jam)】
240 g AJI ONE mini tomato (peeled by water bath)
180 g granulated sugar

1. Heat AJI ONE mini tomatoes and the granulated sugar in a pot.
2. Skim a scum and extract water and if you want, add the lemon juice.
※It is important to leave little water in order that the jam doesn’t get burned and stuck on a pot!

【Ingredients (Tofu unbaked cheesecake)】
Proper quantity AJI ONE mini tomato jam
Half block drained silken tofu
70 g broken biscuit
1 1/2 tablespoons melted butter
120 ml fresh cream
150 g cream cheese at room temperature
50 g sugar
2 teaspoons lemon juice
Gelatin (soak 8 g of powdered gelatin in 2 tablespoons of water)

1. Add the melted butter to the broken biscuit and mix them.
2. Spread “1” and flat the surface. Cool it in a refrigerator to solidify
3. Heat the fresh cream and turn off a fire. Add the gelatin, melt it, and strain it.
4. Stir the cream cheese and make it smooth. Add the sugar and mix it.
5. Add “3”, the tofu, and lemon juice to “4” and mix them. Pour it into “2”.
6. Put the jam on “5”, furthermore add the dough on it, and solidify.