Fried dumpling with whole mini tomatoes, seaweed, and chicken

Healthy fried dumpling with dietary fiber and lycopene. Eat lightly with Japanese dressing and mizuna.

【Ingredients (8 dumpling)】
8 Peeled AJI ONE mini tomato
Proper quantity potato starch
Proper quantity mizuna (cut into 4 cm width)
Proper quantity Japanese onion dressing
65 g seaweed salad (rehydrated)
15 g hijiki (rehydrated)
200 g minced chicken meat
Little quantity grated ginger
Little quantity salt, pepper, and soy sauce

1. Cut the seaweed salad and hijiki. Mix the seaweed salad, hijiki, minced chicken meat, grated ginger, and seasonings (salt, pepper, and soy sauce) well.
2. Wrap AJI ONE mini tomatoes with “1” and make it round.
3. Sprinkle the potato starch and deep-fry it. ※the temperature of oil is 170-180 degrees.
4. Serve mizuna and put the Japanese onion dressing on the plate.