Hot yogurt with AJI ONE dry tomato

【Ingredients (serves 1)】
AJI ONE dry tomato (as much as you want)
150 g plain yogurt
Honey (as much as you want)

1. Put the plain yogurt in a bowl and put AJI ONE dry tomato on it. Warm it up in a microwave for 40 seconds to 1 minute.
2. Take it from the microwave and pour the honey on it. Ready to eat!

≪Tips…How to reconstitute AJI ONE dry tomato≫
Put AJI ONE dry tomato in a container and pour water to it. After that, Heat in a microwave for about 1 minutes.

Nutrition Fact (serves 1)
Calories 140kcal
Protein 5.9g
Fat 4.6g
Carb 19.3g
Sodium 76mg
Salt 0.2g