Minced chicken meat bowl with AJI ONE dry tomato and spinach

【Ingredients (serve 2)】
10 g AJI ONE dry tomato
1 bunch of spinach
200 g minced chicken meat
Little quantity Grated ginger
2 soft-boiled eggs
400 g rice
1 teaspoon soy sauce
■1 teaspoon Chinese seasoning
■Proper quantity sesame
1/2 tablespoon sesame oil

1. Heat AJI ONE dry tomato with little water in a microwave to reconstitute.
2. Boil the spinach in salt water. After cooling the spinach with running water, wring it with hands dry. Cut it into 2cm pieces.
3. Boil the minced chicken meat with skimming the scum.
4. After finish boiling the minced chicken meat, strain water from the meat and mix it with the grated ginger and soy sauce.
5. Put AJI ONE dry tomato and the spinach to “4”, season it with ■, and mix with sesame oil.
6. Put “5” and soft-boiled egg on the rice. Ready to eat!

This is nutritionally balanced!
β carotene in this recipe is better for anti-aging.

Nutrition Fact (serves 1)
Calories 661kcal
Protein 36.2g
Fat 18.2g
Carb 83.5g
Sodium 331mg
Salt 0.8g