Soy milk soup with AJI ONE dry tomato

Soy milk soup with AJI ONE dry tomato
【Ingredients (serves 2)】
8 g AJI ONE dry tomatoes
1 bunch spinach
40 g canned corn
2 slices bacon
1 instant solid consomme
250 ml water
100 ml soy milk
Proper quantity salt and pepper

1. Put water and the consomme into a pot and boil it. Put the cut spinach to eat easily, AJI ONE dry tomato, corn and bacon into the pot and boil well.
2. When it comes to be cooked, add the soy milk and season it with salt and pepper. Ready to eat!

The soy milk’s mellowness and Vegetables’ sweetness makes this soup delicious.
AJI ONE dry tomato and soy milk have anti-aging and antioxidant effects!!

Nutrition Fact (serves 1)
Calories 104kcal
Protein 4.6g
Fat 5.4g
Carb 9.5g
Sodium 511mg
Salt 1.3g